Routes and maps

The western foothills. Chuckanut Mountains are north of the Skagit and west of Baker. Other places shown offer great skiing, too. Click to enlarge.

Why “CHUCKANUT” cross country ski? In part, because I’m a geologist. I started this as a paeon to rare but wonderful XC skiing in the Chuckanut Mountains proper, south of Bellingham and to the west of I-5. It quickly expanded to include higher foothills further east. One thing that ties many of these trips together is the Chuckanut Formation- a geologic unit consisting of lithified Eocene flood plain deposits: sandstone, shale, conglomerate, coal. If you want to read more about that, go to this page at the Northwest Geology Field Trips website. Or, skip the geo and just go skiing!

If more info is needed, email to:

tuckerd  at geol dot wwu dot edu .

Places to go

The maps below show routes that have been reported on. They are listed from west to east, more or less. To find out about the trip that went there, whenever that was, use the “search” box in the right margin of any page on this website: type in the name of a trip or a place, such as “Slide Mountain”, “Coal Pass”, or “Hemlock Trail”.

Chuckanut Mountain- south of Bellingham, west of I-5. The southern extension is Blanchard Mountain, home of the Oyster Dome, and Lily and Lizard Lakes.

"Bigfoot Mountain", the ridge crest at the north end of Stewart Mountain. Google Map URL. Click to enlarge.

Blanchard Mountain; roads B-1000 and B-1500. Google Earth image. Click to enlarge

Galbraith-Lookout Mountain- to the east, between I-5 and Lake Whatcom.

Lookout Mountain (above I-5). Start at North Lake Samish exit, ski along freeway on side road, then find trail to upper road system.

Stewart Mountain- north and east of Lake Whatcom.

“Bigfoot Mountain”- roads and trails off Y Road, northeast of Lake Whatcom. If you can get up through the woods from the end of the route on the map, there is are fabulous views and a ridgecrest ski in clearcut devastation. Excellent telemarking in the right conditions. Google Maps URL for the map is here.

Anderson Mountain- just south of the south end of Lake Whatcom. Big mountain.

Stewart Mt. SE side of Lake Whatcom. Click to enlarge.

Racehorse Creek, Toboggan Ridge, Slide Mountain- south of Kendall and Maple Falls.

Coal Creek Road and Lookout Mountain- south of Glacier, northwest of Mount Baker.

Dailey Prairie, northwest of the Twin Sisters.

Anderson Mountain. North at top. Red line- lower road. Blue line- XC through cut for .25 mi. Yellow- road to view below summit.

Wickersham Truck Road- access to the lower summit. More detailed than map to Stewart Mountain.

Canyon Lake road. North is to left. The yellow line is the route beyond the gate. Click to enlarge.

The Racehorse Ridge ski via Racehorse Creek. Click to enlarge

Slide Mountain Route, from January 2011. Red- driving; Yellow- skiing. Click to enlarge.

Racehorse Pass, at the head of Racehorse Creek.

Coal Creek Road. North is to the right. Yellow- drive; red- walk; green- ski. From Google Earth

Lookout Mountain above Glacier

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