Posted by: magmatist | February 24, 2014

Conditions reports

AM, Feb 24. South Hill, Fairhaven. Dave Tucker reports:

Drizzling. 8 inches of snow are compacting. Still plenty of snow but slushy. Roads are wet, puddles forming.

AM, Feb 24. Simon Graves reports:

“Oh man, I had so much fun last night [Sunday, Feb 23]. I skied around town, playing in Broadway Park in sticky snow, but after sundown it started to freeze up so instead of returning home for dinner and projects, Keith and I skied out the Old Whatcom Railway, up to the Alabama bridge. So fast and fun!What had been slush turned into nice fast slurry. Didn’t see any other skis out there, but saw a guy in boots trying to keep two large huskies on leashes at his speed; I wished he’d had skis or that I thought to borrow the dogs. Seems like groomers couldn’t have been faster. I sure hope Dominic hit it.”

PM, Feb 23. Doug McKeever reported he skied the Stewart Mountain Road above Lake Whatcom. He said conditions were good. 12″ of snow on the ground at his home between Bellingham and Everson. Alas, a boot sole delaminated and he had “an interesting time coming back down the trail”. Can anyone recommend a shoe repair shop to fix-it?




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