Posted by: magmatist | February 23, 2014

Who is skiing today?

Looks great! We have 4 inches at 150′ on Bellingham’s South Hill. Snow is heavy and sticky, but plan to get out in a bit, maybe up at Padden.





  1. We just came back from skiing at Padden. Same amount of snow there as town. Many bare spots were found on the main trails as well as lots of trees down. The best skiing was the grass fields by the dog park.

    We had a wonderful walk down to Woods Coffee at Boulevard Park this morning.

    Drove home from Manning Park yesterday. Fun powder day on the lifts Friday. Saturday we skiied around Lighting lakes then down to the end of Flash Lake. Snowed all the way home.

    • So, Walter, you were one of the die hards I saw at the Lake between 1-2:15? Crazy, man!

  2. skied up Galbraith from Lake Padden. about a foot of snow on the road and sticky. took unemployment line bike trail down, fun

    • Paul,
      Do you have a map showing the bike trails and their names?

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