Posted by: magmatist | February 7, 2014

Snow report request

Well, the winter has been something of a bust, eh? Snow this AM in Bellingwash, but just a bare sprinkling here on the southside. Has anyone been up any roads/trails in Racehorse/Slide Mountain/Middle Fork areas? I’ve been lying low due to recover from my knee surgery, so don’t even know where snow might start covering roads enough to allow skiing. Even a negative report would useful- “…went to X and we didn’t find enough snow to ski on until XXXX feet”; or “there ain’t squat nowhere”.



Oh, by the way, I’ll continue running this blog. Certainly not much of a burden this winter! However, if anyone gets a wild hair and wants to consider administration next winter, drop me a note via comment or email.

tuckerd at openaccess dot org



  1. Hi Dave, I plan to head up to Toboggan Pass this weekend, from the Canyon Lake side. I’ll be in touch. -Simon

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